How many dogs do you take at once?

Dogs ARE left alone at certain points while boarding with us (daycare days have full care during daycare hours).  When dogs are left alone, it is generally for 2 hours or less for when we have a doctor appointment, grocery shopping runs, etc.

Since this is our home, all visits are strictly scheduled by appointment only. We do not accept drop ins, and all new pups MUST complete a meet and greet prior to staying with us.

Is someone with the dogs 24/7?

Nope! With the exception of our children's bedrooms, the dogs have access to our entire home.  If I am making dinner in the kitchen, you can bet I have many eyes staring me down, hoping I drop some crumbs.  If your dog sleeps on the couch at home, they are welcome on ours. We model your dogs home life as much as possible while they are staying with us.

Nope! We are an open style family boarding option.  This means we do have separate areas to keep dogs that don't get along with others. We are happy to recommend facilities in the Lehigh Valley that do offer this type of boarding - just ask!

Are you licensed?

In Pennsylvania, anytime a dog is watched outside of the dog's own home for monetary compensation, a kennel license (from the PA Dept of Ag) is required.  Even if you watch 5 dogs a year, a kennel license is a must if money is exchanged.  We are licensed with the PA Dept of Ag, and you can check ALL kennel license holders inspection reports online - it is free and public knowledge.  We are a Limited Liability Corporation, insured and properly zoned within our township.

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Our boarding kennel license through the PA Dept of Ag is for up to 10 dogs. However, the daily number changes. On daycare days, we may have 10, depending on each dog and their personality. We generally do not take more than 5 dogs at a time for boarding, but cater each stay to the specific dog staying with us.

What are your hours? Can I drop in?

Do you have a room just for the dogs?

My dog is sometimes picky with other dogs, but is usually friendly. Can you take him?

More questions?

Please don't hesitate to reach out via

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