{ We offer family style dog boarding and daycare }

Doggie Daycare
7a - 7p |3-4 days per week

Full (6-10 hours): $42 per day
Midi (up to 6 hours): $37 per day

*Daycare guests must arrive by 10am

*Puppies between <12 months are an additional $5 for daycare.

*Additional dogs from the same household are 20% off.

Family Style Boarding

(daycare is included)

 $85 per day

(Add'l dog from the same household: 20% off)

*Puppies between <12 months are an additional $8 /day.

*Boarding dogs must arrive by 4pm on the

first day of their stay.

Additional Information

-Boarding pick up before 12pm: ½ day charge; pick up after 12pm: full day charge.

-All boarding guests MUST arrive by 4pm of the first day of their stay. All daycare guests must arrive by 10am.

-Cancellation fee: If your stay is canceled 48 hours or less before the start date, a 10% charge of the booked stay amount will apply. If your trip return date changes after your pets start date, there is no refund for the unused portion


We follow the guidance of the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior and accept puppies. Puppies must meet our base requirements, along with the following:
-must have received (a minimum of) one set of vaccines at least 7 days prior to their first day
    -must have received
(a minimum of) one de-worming

   -stay must be 8 hours or less, with a half day preferred
   -must be comfortable in a crate to ensure proper rest is had during daycare

What to Expect

All dogs live with us in our home as though they are a member of our family.  We do not have kennel runs, and only crate if you request it.  We try to keep as close to the same routine you keep at home - from sleeping in bed with the humans, to eating at a certain time each day. We also have a large securely fenced-in yard for playing and exercise, along with an inground pool with walk-out steps for the dogs.

Tara has over 20 years of direct veterinary experience and is comfortable giving all medications, including injections.

Daycare & Boarding Requirements

**All dogs MUST complete a trial day before starting**

-Friendly with other dogs of all sizes

-OK with steps

(we have a bilevel style home and steps are unavoidable)

-Altered by 8 months

-Sleeps comfortably through the night

-Not an obsessive barker

-Not a fence jumper (our fence is not scale-proof)

-Have other dog/people socialization

-No major aggression or trigger points with children

-Does not have separation anxiety

(Dogs must be able to be safe and calm when left alone; see FAQ's for more)

-Potty trained for outside

-Current on vaccinations 

(Rabies & Distemper required. Bordetella HIGHLY recommended)

-Have basic training completed

-Not reactive or 'picky' with certain dogs

-Does not resource guard people, toys or food

-Physically healthy for group play and exercise

-Not afraid of gunshots

(we live within earshot of two shooting ranges)

-Allowed to be a dog: get wet, get dirty, roll, dig and ROMP!

Daycare drop off and pick up times must be scheduled.

Since this is our home, we do not accept drop ins. 

Please text Tara when en route for all drop offs and pick ups.

PHEW! A lot of requirements, right? YES - we are picky! We know our

requirements exclude a lot of really great pups. But to work in our style

of care, these must be met <3